History of New Horizons Collaborative

In response to the urgent need for life-saving HIV medication in sub-Saharan Africa—especially among children and adolescents—Johnson & Johnson and its partners launched New Horizons in 2014, initially covering Eswatini, Kenya, South Africa, and Zambia. Over the next four years, New Horizons would expand to serve seven additional countries—Lesotho, Uganda, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Rwanda, and Zimbabwe. Through collaboration and careful planning, New Horizons has successfully increased access to third-line HIV treatment for pediatric patients and offered capacity building services to providers and clinicians.

Historically, New Horizons has focused its efforts on serving children and adolescents through 19 years of age. Country-level evidence has suggested that as adolescents transition to adult treatment programs they require additional support to ensure continuity of care and a smooth transition into adult care. To meet this need, New Horizons has expanded its age of eligibility from 19 years of age and younger to 24 years of age and younger. Additionally, New Horizons has expanded its medicine donation program to include both 2nd and 3rd line medicines. These expansions will allow New Horizons to achieve greater impact for those already enrolled in the program while continuing to support a growing number of children, adolescents, and young adults in need of late-line treatment.

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